Thank you for your interest in becoming an employee of Twin River Community Living Facility, Inc. (TRCLF).   Both of our residential facilities, Basic Independence Apartments, and Ozark Community Home, are great places to work.  Our employees have the opportunity to serve and assist some of the best clients/residents in the Ozarks, and of course we may be biased.

 Upon completing the TRCLF application for employment, the Executive Director will review your application.  If we have an opening that would be a good match for your particular skills and qualifications, you will be contacted for an interview.

If you are offered employment for Twin River Community Living Facility, Inc., you will be asked to:

Provide a copy of your driving record,
Provide proof of a negative TB test,
Provide a copy of your high school diploma, G.E.D. certificate, or any professional licenses you listed on your application,
Submit notarized authorization for T.R.C.L.F. to perform a Criminal Background Check, along with a Child and Adult Maltreatment registry check,
You may also be requested to undergo an employment drug screen,
You will be scheduled for two (2) hours of video training prior to being scheduled to work with clients.

Again, we thank you for your interest in employment at Twin River Community Living Facility
, Inc.


Caregivers needed for adults who live independently.  Day, weekend and overnight positions available.  Part time or full, no transportation required, very flexible employer. Not a medical job; no prior experience or training required.  If your looking for a career where you can help people and earn a living, please come and apply at

201 Dodd Street in Mtn. Home or call 870-425-4515

DDS Transportation Training classes are given yearly

Ozark community home & Basic Independence Apartments

CPR/First Aid Classes are given yearly

Positions Currently Open

Employment Requirements

Supportive Living Companion

Ozark community home & Basic Independence Apartments

If you have never worked as a Supportive Living Companion (SLC) you may not know what to do or how to help with a person’s day to day living needs. Every client will have specific individual needs due to their specific limitations.  Therefore, your Residence Manager will be in charge of providing you with the training and direction that you will need.  The Supportive Living Companion job is a very important position, as an aid to a person who has limitations in their daily living.  Now you may be wondering, “What does a personal care attendant do?” and “Am I cut out to be a personal care attendant?” 

What does all this mean to you?

As a Supportive Living Companion to a person with a developmental disability you can play a vital role in helping your client achieve independence and live a fuller life. You will not only be providing a valuable service to your client, but also making a contribution to your client’s family and to society as a whole.  If you are an individual who finds a sense of purpose and meaning in serving others, then doing the job of a Supportive Living Companion may be right for you. What’s more, you may enjoy comparable pay and more flexible hours by working as a SLC when compared with other service-oriented jobs.  Many of us are ignorant about the needs of people with developmental disabilities because we have not known a person with a developmental disability. That’s why Twin River Community Living Facility has an initial and on-going training program that will provide you with basic awareness about people with developmental disabilities and the types of assistance they may need.  One of the things you will learn is that people with developmental disabilities are just as unique as other people. This is why your Residence Manager will be responsible for hiring and training you in the specific tasks he/she wants you to perform. Your training really begins the day you go to work. 

Before starting your new position, you will be viewing some training films which will help you to better understand the developmentally delayed residents that you will be working with.  Throughout the next few months you will be receiving additional training materials until you have completed the initial training period.  After that you will continue to receive addition training flyers and may attend training meetings on a regular basis.  Here at Twin River Community Living Facility, our priority is serving and caring for our clients, while insuring the safety and continued employment of our employees. Our training is an ongoing process and we strive to equip our employees with the necessary information and tools needed to do their jobs effectively.